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Pirate Puns

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Ahoy there, me hearties! Did you know there be a special day called International Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19th? Yep, it’s a whole day just for talking like pirates! Whether you’re waiting for that day or just wanting some funny jokes for a pirate party, you’ve come to the right place.

From silly puns to jokes that’ll make you laugh like a pirate, this treasure trove of pirate jokes is sure to tickle your funny bone. So grab your eyepatch and get ready for some giggles – it’s going be a swashbucklin’ good time!

man wearing a pirate costume holding a spyglass to his eye

Funny Pirate Jokes

  1. What’s a pirate’s favorite type of cookie? Ship’s Ahoy!
  2. Why was the pirate so good at basketball? Because he had a great hook shot!
  3. Why couldn’t the pirate play cards? Because he was standing on the deck!
  4. What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? You might think it’s “R,” but it be the “C” they love!
  5. How do pirates prefer to communicate? They like to send messages by bottle – it’s the original “texting”!
  6. What’s a pirate’s least favorite restaurant? Long John Silver’s, because it’s always “hooked” on fast food!
  7. What do you call a pirate with two eyes and two legs? A rookie! Most pirates prefer an eyepatch and a peg leg for style.
  8. Why did the pirate take a shower? Because he wanted to wash up on shore!
  9. What shivers on the bottom of the ocean? A nervous wreck
  10. What do you call a pirate that skips class? Captain Hooky!
  11. Why don’t pirates shower before they walk the plank? Because they’ll just wash up on shore anyway!
  12. What’s a pirate’s favorite kind of music? Sea shanties, of course!
  13. Why do pirates carry their swords? Because swords can’t walk!
  14. Why was the pirate ship so cheap? It was on sail!
  15. What is a pirate’s favorite type of fish? Swordfish
  16. What’s a pirate’s least favorite vegetable? Leeks!
  17. How much did the pirate pay for his peg and hook? An arm and a leg! Quite literally.
  18. How do pirates know that they are pirates? They think, therefore they ARRRR!
  19. Why do pirates make excellent fishermen? Because they have a great hook!
  20. How do pirates prefer to communicate? Aye to aye!
  21. What did the ocean say to the pirate? Nothing, it just waved!
  22. What type of haircut do pirates get? A crew cut
  23. What did the pirate say when he lost his wooden leg? “Shiver me timbers, I’m stumped!”
  24. Why did the pirate go to the Apple store? To buy an iPatch!
  25. Where do pirates go to drink? The sandbar
  26. What is a pirate’s favorite exercise? The plank
  27. Why did the pirate fail his eye test? Because he couldn’t see the Cs
  28. What’s a pirate’s favorite kind of cookie? Ships ahoy
  29. Why did the pirate go to school? Because he wanted to learn how to “sail” through his exams
  30. What’s a pirate’s favorite type of socks? Arrrrrgyle!
boy dressed as Captain Hook with joke overlay

Pirate Puns and Captions

  • Pirate ships are great, they’re always up to something fishy.
  • Sailing into the weekend like a true buccaneer!
  • Ahoy, mateys! Who’s ready to set sail on the adventure of a lifetime?
  • Living life one ‘arr’ at a time! Who’s with me?
  • On the quest for treasure and good times!
  • Salty air, ocean breeze, and a heart full of pirate dreams!
  • Step aside, for this pirate is on a mission!
  • Yo ho ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me!
  • Sailin’ the seven seas with a crew of scallywags and a ship full of dreams
  • Charting a course for treasure and never looking back.
  • What does a pirate wear on Halloween? A pumpkin patch
  • With courage in our hearts and adventure on the horizon, we’re unstoppable.
  • In a world full of rules, be a pirate. Break free and chart your own course.
  • Life’s an adventure, so grab your eyepatch and join me on the high seas!
  • Do pirates like to fight? Sword of
  • Sailin’ through life with a yo ho ho and a hearty laugh!
  • Brace yourselves, me hearties, adventure awaits!
  • Charting a course for treasure, one wave at a time!
  • Aye, the sea be callin’ and I must answer!
  • Plunderin’ hearts and seekin’ treasures – that’s the pirate’s way!
  • Every day is talk like a pirate day for me
  • What do pirates wear in the winter to keep warm? Long Johns
  • What has 6 arms, 6 legs and 6 eyes? 6 pirates
  • What is orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot
3 kids on the beach wearing pirate costumes with pun overlay

As we wrap up our journey through the world of pirate puns, jokes, and one-liners, I hope these brought a smile to your face. Whether you’re planning your next adventure or simply enjoying a laugh with friends, these lighthearted pirate puns will brighten your day. So, here’s to keeping the spirit of fun and adventure alive!

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