Funny Cricket Team Names

Funny Cricket Team Names

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Are you gearing up to start your own cricket team but stuck on what to call it? Or maybe you’re just tired of being “Team A” or “The Cricketeers”? Choosing the right team name can be as much fun as the game itself!

Here are some hilarious cricket team names to get your creative juices flowing and make sure your team stands out from the crowd. Whether you’re playing in a local league or just for fun with friends, these names will add a bit of humor and personality to your team spirit.

Funny Names for Cricket Team

boys playing cricket with funny cricket team name overlay

1. The Boundary Busters

When your team loves to hit those epic sixes and fours, this name says it all!

2. Wicket Warriors

Perfect for a team that’s all about their bowling prowess.

3. The Run Chasers

For the squad that never gives up, no matter the target.

4. Silly Pointers

A little cricket humor for those who know their field positions and love a good pun!

5. Howzat Heroes

This one’s for the team that appeals every play and celebrates every out.

6. Sticky Wicket Wizards

Ideal for teams that thrive on a challenging pitch.

7. The Nightwatchmen

A great pick for teams that love playing those late evening matches.

8. Bat to Basics

Sometimes, it’s all about mastering the fundamentals, with a fun twist.

9. The Slog Sweepers

For the hitters who aren’t afraid to go big and aim for the stands.

10. The No Ballers

Adding a bit of humor about those overstepped lines!

11. Swing and Miss

For those days when you’re just not connecting but still having a blast.

12. The Pace Makers

Perfect for teams that boast some speedy bowlers.

13. The Spin Doctors

For squads that have those tricky spinners who can really turn the game.

14. The Umpire Strikes Back

A fun Star Wars twist for the cricket-loving movie buffs.

15. The Mid-Wicket Crisis

Because every team has had one of those innings where nothing seems to go right.

16. The Full Tossers

A cheeky name that’ll definitely get some laughs.

17. Lords of the Pitch

A majestic name for a team that rules the ground.

18. Caught N’ Bowled

Straight to the point and great for a team that’s all about catching and bowling their way to victory.

19. The Bouncer Brigade

For the teams that love to keep the batsmen on their toes with some sharp bouncers.

20. Over Throwers

A playful name that’s ideal for a team known for their energy and maybe a few too many overthrow mishaps!

Funny Kids Cricket Team Names

Choosing a cricket team name for kids is all about the fun! Here are some playful and humorous cricket team names perfect for the little champs:

boys playing cricket with funny cricket team name overlay

1. Mini Bat Blasters

For the young ones who swing their bats with all their might!

2. Tiny Twisters

Perfect for the kids who love spinning the ball like little tornadoes.

3. Little Ducklings

A cute name for the beginners who are just getting started and learning not to score a duck!

4. Bouncing Bunnies

Because they’re always hopping around the field with energy.

5. Wicket Wizards

For the young spell-casters who can make the stumps fly magically.

6. Super Strikers

Every kid feels like a superhero when they hit the ball!

7. Run Runners

Perfect for the ones who just love running between the wickets.

8. Silly Mid-Ons

A playful take on the cricket fielding position, great for a team that loves to have a giggle.

9. Crease Monkeys

For the little ones who love hanging around the crease.

10. The Boundary Babies

Ideal for those who can hit boundaries, even just halfway to the fence.

11. Pint-Sized Pacers

For the teams that may be small, but can deliver fast balls!

12. Cheeky Champs

A fun name that embodies the spirited and playful nature of young kids.

13. Happy Hitters

Because every game is about having fun and hitting the ball with a big smile.

14. Mighty Ducks

A playful spin on scoring zero but with a focus on growing mighty in the game.

15. Stump Jumpers

For the agile little ones who are always jumping in excitement.

Funny Cricket Team Names for Ladies

Creating a fun and catchy name for a ladies’ cricket team can really set the tone for fun! Here are some playful and witty team names designed for the ladies who love to hit, bowl, and field with flair:

A girl playing cricket with funny cricket team name overlay

1. The Queen Bees

For a team that rules the pitch and stings the competition!

2. Batting Belles

Perfect for a squad of ladies who charm their way through every inning.

3. Pitch Witches

A magical name for a team that conjures up wins with their spellbinding play.

4. Sassy Strikers

For the team that hits with attitude and defends their wicket with sass.

5. Wonder Wickets

Inspired by the fierce and fabulous, ready to tackle any challenge on the field.

6. Glamour Guards

Ideal for a team that plays hard but always looks good doing it.

7. Maidens of Mayhem

For a team that brings chaos to their opponents with their powerful performances.

8. Diva Drivers

For the ladies who drive the ball way past the boundary with a touch of elegance.

9. Runway Runners

Mixing fashion and cricket, perfect for the team that makes quick singles look stylish.

10. Bouncer Babes

A fun name for a team known for their tough bowling and lively spirit.

11. Stiletto Stumpers

They might play in flats, but they bring the sharpness of stilettos to every match!

12. Cheeky Chicks

For the team that plays with a twinkle in their eye and a trick up their sleeve.

13. Boundary Bosses

Dominating the field and making sure every hit counts.

14. Sixer Sisters

When sixes are the goal, these ladies deliver with a sisterly bond.

15. Wicked Wicket-Keepers

Ideal for a team that takes pride in their wicket-keeping skills, catching out batsmen one by one.

Catchy Cricket Team Names

Creating a catchy cricket team name can really set the tone for your team’s spirit so here are some fun and catchy cricket team names to get your squad inspired:

  1. Boundary Bashers
  2. Wicket Wizards
  3. Six Appeal
  4. Sticky Wicketeers
  5. The Bails Bonds
  6. Over Achievers
  7. Pitch Smashers
  8. Run Raiders
  9. The Bowling Stones
  10. Crease Lightning
  11. The Night Watchmen
  12. Howzat Heroes
  13. Legs Before Wickets
  14. Spin Doctors
  15. The Stumpers

Each of these names carries a unique flavor that could reflect the character of your cricket team, be it humorous, competitive, or just plain cool!

English Cricket Team Names

Here are some cricket team names with a distinctly English flavor, perfect for a team looking to channel some classic British charm:

A cricket helmet and ball on grass with funny cricket team name overlay
  1. The Tea Timers
  2. Buckingham Boundaries
  3. Big Ben Bouncers
  4. London Line Drives
  5. Royal Runners
  6. The Double Deckers
  7. Windsor Wickets
  8. Piccadilly Pacers
  9. Sherlock’s Swingers
  10. Thames Thrashers
  11. Union Jacks
  12. The Full Tossers
  13. Cheshire Chargers
  14. Yorkshire Yorkers
  15. The Beefeaters

Funny Mens Cricket Team Names

Here are some cricket team names that would be great for a men’s cricket team, blending a mix of power, humor, and cricket lingo:

  1. Boundary Bulls
  2. Pace Makers
  3. The Blockhole Bandits
  4. Sticky Wicket Kings
  5. The Fast & the Furious
  6. Run Machines
  7. The Silly Pointers
  8. Nightwatchmen
  9. The Big Batters
  10. Offside Orcs
  11. Crease Kings
  12. Six Hitters
  13. The Leather Smashers
  14. The Bouncer Brigade
  15. Third Man Thumpers

Mixed Cricket Team Names

Creating a fun and inclusive team name for a mixed cricket team is a great way to showcase team spirit and unity. Here are some playful and clever names that work well for a mixed cricket team:

a men's cricket team with funny cricket team name overlay
  1. Stumps & Thumps
  2. Bails & Tales
  3. Pitches Be Crazy
  4. Hit & Miss
  5. The Swing Kings & Queens
  6. Mixed Magic
  7. Wicket Wonders
  8. Catchy Comrades
  9. Batting Buddies
  10. Crease Crossers
  11. The Inswingers
  12. Runs ‘n Roses
  13. The Seam Dream Team
  14. Boundaries Blended
  15. The Pitch Mixers

Now that you’ve got a list of funny and unique cricket team names, it’s time to pick your favorite, personalize your team jerseys, and hit the field with a smile. Here’s to many unforgettable matches and a lot of fun along the way. Go knock ’em out of the park!

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